Story Starter Cubes

To get a story started have kids roll the cubes, then mix and match characters, settings and situations.


History Dice Cubes: Roll a cube and tell a story. There are 6 cubes with fun illustrations on each side. Roll a cube and start your story: there's a new one with each roll.

Vocabulary games for kids: Perfect for children to speak, discuss, laugh, interact, and more in the classroom and at home. Build new vocabulary skills every time you play.

Make friends and learn: Children express their creativity and develop social-emotional learning skills every time they play with these colorful children's dice cubes.

High-quality foam: Made of durable, high-quality foam with rounded edges for quiet rolling. Easy to hold and use for small hands. After the game, the Story Starter photo cubes are stored inside their reusable packaging.

Includes: 2 character cubes, 2 setting cubes, 2 situation image cubes, and activity guide.

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